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A Little Bit About Us

Our goal is to instill the love of learning

in our students and  provide them a safe,

stimulating environment that encourages

responsibility, ethics, diversity. Students

learn under the supervision and guidance

of trained, caring, and dedicated team of


Our Programs

Our Start

The Islamic Education School in Philadelphia began over twenty-five years ago catering to the emergent community need of having a safe, moderate school for our children founded on high standards and religious integrity. Relying on our association’s core values of moderation, openness, wisdom, and cooperation, we have grown over the years to into a certifie childcare center, private elementary and middle school, Saturday School, and –  most recently – online extracurricular language and Qur’an studies for children.  We also saw the birth of sister campuses across the country which include a high school program as well.

Our Programs

We are a full-time private day school registered with the Pennsylvania Department of Education. We focus on academic excellence, quality Islamic education, and family community atmosphere. 


Our Kindergarten class is a full day program. The day is structured around center time, teacher-directed instruction, outdoor time, and gross motor activities. 

Elementary School

Offering grades 1-5, our low student to teacher ratio ensures focused attention on each student. Students study Arabic, Islamic studies, and Qur'an along with all core academic subjects set by the Pennsylvania Department of Education. 

Online Qur'an Program

Our partners at Amity offer a virtual afterschool program for Qur'an recitation and memorization. This program is offered open to all Ties students. 

Arabic Studies Program

Our students learn Arabic as a second language. Students are assessed and placed in classes by ability level where they learn reading, writing, speaking, and communication skills in Arabic. 

Islamic Studies Program

Our Islamic Studies program is the highlight of our school. Students have the opportunity to delve into many religious subjects, including creed, prayer, fasting, Zakat, Hajj, dealings, and manners.

School Services Support

We work with our partner agency, Elwyn, to offer needed services including: reading specialist, speech therapy, math tutoring, and professional development for our staff. 

Islamic Holidays & Events

Our calendar year blends traditional school structure while highlighting Islamic holidays and events, such as: Islamic new year, Isra' & Mi^raj, 15th of Sha^ban, Ramadan, Hajj Season, ^Ids, Mawlid an-Nabiyy, and other events. 

Food & Nutrition Program

We offer free and reduced meal options to families who choose to participate in our food and nutrition program. All food that we serve is halal. Our daily menu includes breakfast, lunch, and snacks. 

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